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Great George Street Chambers

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Great George Street Chambers,

Chambers of Glen Hodgetts,

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27- 29, Great George St,




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To get a quotation,  make bookings and instruct Glen, contact his clerk directly on +44 (0)7966495468 between 12 noon to 2pm each week day.


or by email:-  glen@ggsc.co.uk


You may securely email sensitive data via an encrypted 'GDPR compliant' two factor fully encrypted authentication portal:-  glen.hodgetts@egalitylaw.secure-comm.com Please first email Glen to provide you a link to his encrupted server if you wish to email sensitive data.



Glen Hodgetts - Head of Chambers

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board


Please note that Glen may not be able to pick up your call if in court. Emailing is the best way to contact Glen and his preferred option - it  will guarantee an earlier reply. Please do not leave a message on his voicemail if you are unable to contact him by phone but please email.  


All hard copy papers should be sent to his DX in Bristol unless otherwise advised or if you do not have access to DX services, in which case forward papers to his Bristol Office, at the address above.


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Great George Street Chambers    (Chambers of Glen Hodgetts)

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Glen Hodgetts implements the Bar Standards Board New Standard Contractual Terms for the supply of legal services by Barrister to authorised persons, as per annexe T to the Bar Code of Conduct. These terms will apply to all briefs and instructions to which the new terms apply. Those terms can be found here:-



Public Access Immigration Barrister

Direct Access Immigration Barrister

Direct Access Barrister

Immigration Law

Nationality Law

More information concerning The Chambers of Glen Hodgetts can be found on the  client information leaflet which can be downloaded by clicking on this button.


The Chambers of Glen Hodgetts operates a policy in respect of keeping clients' information confidential and to avoid conflicts of interest. Download a copy of this policy by clicking the button below:-

Download a copy of the policy relating to Illness and incapacity by clicking the button below:-


Glen Hodgetts is registered under the Data Protection Act. Our data protection practices and privacy policy have been updated to comply with the obligations to protect client data under the GDPR which comes into force on 25th May 2018 and the Date Protection Act 2018 (Bill). My latest Privacy Policy is dated 24th May 2018. It is available by clicking the link below.




Secure Email :


Glen Hodgetts operates a secure encrypted email portal based in the EU which is 'GDPR compliant', through which all or all sensitive information can be transferred to and from Glen Hodgetts. Please email Glen Hodgetts at glen.hodgetts@egalitylaw.co.uk or securely at glen.hodgetts@egalitylaw.secure-comm.com in order to set up your secure and individual communication stream. You will be given a direct link to your personal stream and will be able to access it after creating your own confidential 4 digit pin. The portal will send you a user name and password. Once set up, secure communication can be made by clicking on the "reply securely" button in my email to you, or via my online secure portal at:-




Please email me normally at glen.hodgetts@egalitylaw.co.uk if you have a problem setting up your secure communication individual stream via my portal


Glen Hodgetts' secure portal operates with  click-and-PIN access, TLS connections, AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication for your data's protection. If you do not wish to use this secure form of email then you must consent not to do so in writing.

In the event of any dispute arising out of the content posted on this  website, the jurisdiction and applicable law to be invoked will be the law of England and Wales.

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If you are not satisfied with the service that you are provided, you will be able to ultimately complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO). The LeO website, and all decisions made by the LeO, can accessed by clicking here:-


Decisions of the Legal Ombudsman Website


Should you wish to complaint about any aspect of the work that is provided, my complaints' policy sets out how to go about making a complaint and what to expect. To start a complaint, simply email me at glen@ggsc.co.uk . For more detail, my complaints' policy can be obtained on a seperate page of this website which can be accessed  by clicking below:-


 Click here to access my Complaints' Policy


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